Let's Talk About Your Construction & Home Repair SEO Strategy

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Top identified questions our Custom Homebuilders and Contractors clients are asking us about SEO.

SEO for home repair and construction companies should be done in a way that targets people who are looking for help with their homes. This could mean targeting keywords that are related to home repairs, such as "repair my roof" or "fix my plumbing." We also target long-tail keywords, which are specific phrases that people are more likely to search.

Search engines like constantly evolving websites, not ones that have become stagnant over time and rely on old information for SEO purposes. This will reflect poorly in search engine rankings, leading people who want newer material elsewhere instead of coming back.

PageTraffic stays up to date with all the latest trends and technologies when it comes to search marketing. Our team participates in various webinars, conferences and workshops to keep abreast with the home construction and repair SEO trends.

Homebuilders stay busy at work and may not have the time and knowledge to work on your website to rank it on page one of search engines. Hiring an in-house team may prove expensive; it's a great idea to employ the task to an agency who specializes in it.

The results will vary depending on the type of keywords you choose, the competition in your industry, and how much optimisation has been done prior to starting the campaign. However, typically you can see a significant increase in website traffic, leads, and sales within the first few months of working with us.

"PageTraffic's team consists of 80 experienced professionals. At the commencement of your project, we assign an Accounts Manager responsible for managing your campaign. They will ensure your campaign remains on track, and will remain in your contact via mail, phone and Skype.

We use a variety of techniques to ensure that your website appears as high as possible in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for your target geographic area. This includes optimising your website's content and structure for local search, developing links from other local websites, and submitting your site to popular local directories.

There is no SEO guarantee. As with any marketing or advertising effort, some SEO techniques may work better for your website than others, and the results will always vary. However, our team is highly experienced in SEO and we are confident in our ability to help you achieve your desired results.